Chapter 10: Frames in HTML

A. Fill in the blanks:

1.     Frames

2.     <FRAME>, <FRAMESET>

3.     Cols, rows

4.     Src

5.     Scrolling

B. Answer the following questions:

1.     By using <FRAME>  and <FRAMESET> tag, we can display multiple HTML documents in one browser window.

2.     The <FRAMESET> tag divides the web page into rectangular areas where an individual HTML document can be loaded for each area using the <FRAME> tag.

3.     Three attributes are: (a) Cols- Specifies the number and size of columns in a frameset (b) Rows- Specifies the number and size of rows in a frameset. (c) Border- Specifies the thickness of the frame borders.

4.     By setting Frameborder and Bordercolor of the <FRAME> tag, we can set the borderwidth and color of frame.

5.     Yes, a frame can be created without the initial file name.

C. Give the difference between the following:

1.     <FRAMESET> tag:       (a) A frameset is defined as a set of frames inserted in an HTML web page.

(b)Attributes are- cols, rows, border etc.

          <FRAME> tag:    (a) It define what HTML document to put into each frame.

                             (b) Attributes are- src, name, frameborder, bordercolor, scrolling etc.

2. Frameborder:   (a) Specifies whether the border should be visible or not.

                             (b) It value can be either yes or no.

Bordercolor:                  (a)Specifies the color of the border of the frame.

                             (b) It value can be any color eg. Red, green, blue etc.

3. src :         (a)Specifies the URL of the initial file to be displayed in the frame.

                   (b)eg. <Frame src=a.html>

Name:         (a)Assign a name to the form that may be used as a target for links.

                   (a)eg. <Frame name=f1>

4. Frameset:                   (a) A frameset is defined as a set of frames inserted in an HTML web page.

                   (b) A frameset simply tells the browser how to divide the screen into split windows.

Nested Frameset:  (a) Creating one frame within another frame is known as nested frame.

                   (b) One of the most popular use for nested frameset is to design the complete website.

D. Name the attributes used for the given instructions:

1.     Scrolling

2.     Marginheight

3.     Frameborder

4.     Cols

5.     Name

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